Antonio wearing a jacket Antonio as children Antonio wearing a jacket Antonio playing keyboards
Hi, I'm Antonio Cuccarese. Born in 1996 in Policoro (MT), I've been playing the piano since childhood, thanks to my mother, my piano teacher.

I graduated in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, where I managed to merge my passion for music with the tech world: my Master's Thesis at the Polytechnic University delved into MIDI and Networked Music Performance, leading to a patent and initiating work on a scientific paper.

In 2020, I started working as Web Developer while simultaneously embarking on a Music Composition and Sound Design course at the International School of Comics in Turin.

During these two years, I not only refined my skills in composing for piano and orchestration but also learned to create sounds from seemingly ordinary objects. This journey resulted in a certificate of attendance and a Steinberg certification, alongside the expertise that allowed me to create the contents you can find in this portfolio.

When I'm not coding or composing, you can find me playing keyboards and synthesizers for the band Bolena, with whom I've shared my passion for live music for many years.

I'm not just a web developer or a musician; I'm Antonio, a professional bringing a unique blend of passion and expertise to both worlds. I hope to have the opportunity to share my experiences and skills in your professional context.